Monday, 31 October 2016

How I Met A New Girl In My Office And How The Nature Seduced Us Office Teacher Sex Story 18+

Hi, this is Vishal and this is my first story. I am reading the ISS stories from the last couple of months and thought of sharing my stories. Please share your feedback on I am a married man (36 years) having good physics as I am a sports person. I am from Rajasthan and living in Ahmadabad. I am working in an MNC from last one year and handling the training team.
I was fully dedicated towards my work so never thought about the girls but unfortunately one of my trainees, contacted me over facebook and we started to have a conversation. In starting, we had a casual conversation for a couple of days and suddenly she started to become more friendly.
As I had affairs in past, I casually asked for naked pics but she didn’t send it. I requested her for a couple of times but later she sent an erotic pic but with clothes. Let me describe her. Not disclosing her name. She was of 28 having statics of 40-36-40. She was from the northern state. We started to have a conversation over FB and then we shared over numbers. I called her and we casually talked her for a couple of times but we had a conversation from one hour.
After a couple of days, I requested her to meet me but she told me to meet me personally in public place. I said okay and decided to meet after over office time. I request her not to talk to me in the office and she followed it and we never talk in the office.
She was on her scooty and we met at the riverfront. I took ice-cream and we both starting talking to each other. While having a casual conversation about our office and later she started to tell about her family. She has two brothers working in an MNC and she was also working in MNC. Her parents are in other city but she was living with her uncle.

She told me that her parents are trying to get her married but due to her overweight and other problems they are not getting a proper boy. She was suffering from migraine problem. She told everything about her family and challenges. I consoled her and assured that she will get married soon. I don’t have any plan to fuck her. I was just looking for a friend. After having a conversation for one hour, we have planned to have a dinner so both started thinking where to go.
As I was not habitual to take the meal outside my home, I don’t know much placed. But there is a restaurant near my home so I proposed about a restaurant near my home and it was also close to her home. We both started towards the Dhaba. Soon the raining increased and we both get wet. Anyhow we reached to Dhaba and ordered food. People around us were watching us. We took the food and we were sitting there and waiting for the rain to stop. Meanwhile, owner of Dhaba said, that we have to leave as they are closing it.
Her home was 10 KM away so we both started thinking. I said, let’s go to my home and once the rain stops, you can leave. Initially, she was reluctant but after thinking for a while, we both moved towards my home. We reached there; I gave her towel to dry her. We both were silent as it was an awkward situation as we both hadn&expected it.
We were talking casually for around 30 mins. But after that, I lost control and held her hand and started kissing her hand and fingers. She became uncomfortable and said, “What are you doing?” I was speechless but continue. She didn’t respond.
We started to have casual conversations and but she was not comfortable. I tried to kiss her but she didn’t allow me. Soon I started to press her boobs but she was not responding. I kissed her neck, fingers head and check but she was not responding. She was just saying, Raj tum kya kar rahe ho. It’s not good. Anyhow, I took the kurta above her boobs and start pressing boobs over her white bra and kissing her lips. She didn’t open her lips.
Later she started moaning but still not responding. While I was kissing her boobs over her bra, she started to move her hands in my hair. But she was still under her control and was telling me not to do. I continued as she was still moaning.
After a couple of minutes, I took her left boob out of the bra and started to lick it. She started shouting, “Please leave me”. I didn’t come here to do this thing. I trusted you as a friend, please leave me.” Suddenly after hearing this, I got back to my senses and left her. She scolded me for some time and later she became normal. I kept my one hand on her thigh and started to massage her but she didn’t respond.
Soon I kept my one hand over her pussy over her clothes and she started shivering. She started moaning slowly but not responding. Suddenly, I put my one hand under her leggings and she was shouting not to do this but I kept one finger over her clitoris and slowly started moving it. She was moaning and saying AHH AHH AHH. I saw her face and it was the best and sexy expression of my life. Soon she came and but I was still lusty.
I started to undress myself and kept my 5.5-inch tool over her hairy pussy and she loved it. As I tried to insert her she was crying. I thought why she was crying. I assumed that she is 28 years old and she would have done sex with many people as she was staying in the hostel.
But to my surprise she was virgin. I tried to enter her and as soon as I entered her, I cum. She was shouting on me what you have done to me. You took my virginity and made me pregnant. We will continue in next part of the sex story.

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