Monday, 31 October 2016

Strange Experience With A Lady Office Teacher....... Sex Story(sex story)18+

One fine day when I was coming from the market a minor incident took place nearby.
When I went there to see then came to know that the aunty who met with an incident was nearby our area and immediately provided with the available first aid and dropped her at the house. From then onwards we came to know about each other.
Her husband is in Dubai (left for a short trip) and she is here with her daughter. We had been regularly communicating through phone or WhatsApp.Her name is Rupali (name changed).
One fine day she has conveyed that shall we plan to meet for some time, since her husband is out of station and daughter is at her grandparent’s house. I said sure, so we planned to meet at a restaurant in cp which was her choice because of the first meet.

During the meet initially I was a bit silent or hesitant to talk first when I saw her due to her beauty and seeing in real, first, she has started the conversation which made me comfortable and then on we had a continuous fun talk. While talking I was observing her very closely. She said what happened; I said nothing just looking at you.
Though I had planned a lot to talk unable to talk to her freely at the open place which is the first time with a lady, she has understood my situation. After having food before leaving she said let&plan to meet next time at my house.
Our talk continued for a couple of days and one fine day we have finalized the plan to meet in evening at her house. Accordingly, the day has arrived and in carried few things (chocolate liquid & ice-cream) in a pack. I rang the bell she has opened the door I was stunned to see her in a red sari.
After I went inside she said don’t be shocked this is a special movement.
She went into the kitchen to get water and cool drink; meanwhile, I kept aside the pack which I brought.
While giving the water she asked me what is that pack contains, I said nothing just the small spare part of the car to get it assembled. She said Ok. After having water was I was relaxed and was searching for her (since she left back to get something), came to know that she is in the kitchen.
Since it&in the evening I got an idea and went to the main and switched off the power saliently.
She was screaming since no power in the house all of a sudden and she had a candle light. I said don’t worry Rupali and I went to kitchen (since I know that she is there) and gave a tight kiss on her neck from back, while she was doing some work. She said please wait for a min rest all is yours. She is unable to control my kiss and started to see me and now we had lip lock very strongly for 10 min.
While kissing we were eating/biting both each other lips. I was sucking her top lip and then the lower lip very hard. While doing this I told her not to close the eyes (same is with me), since I want her to feel as well as see me doing this. She loved the kiss.
Since she has opened her eyes while lip kiss upon my request, I thought of paying back something. Hence I asked her to close the eyes again and started kissing and sucking the nose, forehead, eyes, cheeks, now she has all my saliva on her face. She liked this to the core such that she had given me a very tight lip lock kiss which is breathless.
Since there is no power I have a candle on my hand and asked her to tell me where I should place the candle so that that particular part of your body is visible clearly and I can start. She said first let&go to the bedroom first with a candle, I said no let&complete the starters here later we can go to the bedroom for the main course. She said you naughty. As per her request, I started to remove the saree from the top. Now she is on white color top. I asked her shall I do the things from hand or mouth, she said as u love.
I then had undone all their clothes and started to taste her from the forehead.She has undone my clothes as well.Now I have started to kiss the forehead and do the lip lock nonstop in the meanwhile she was holding me tight.While doing lip lock I played with her nipples and also sucked heavily to which she is unable to control.
Hence I started coming down from nipples to navel sucking then before playing near the pussy I was sucking around the thigh from the toes to which she was holding my hair tightly. Now I was first rubbing her pussy smoothly with fingers and then started sucking which she loved.
This went for 15 mins apart from this pressing both the nipples. Now I asked her to turn upside down facing her rounded ass started to suck them from bottom to top, i.e…From foot to neck. It’s being her turn now she is on top of me and started to kiss the entire body and do the blowjob.
While lip lock I placed my dick near her pussy to which she held inside perfectly and started moving heavily. This went on for about 10 min. Many things happening in parallel (lip lock / rubbing both nipples / fuck) which she enjoyed with a lot of expressions.
After this, we had cleaned our body to each other with our tongue. After taking some rest we had another session in the bathroom under the shower. I was standing her back and rubbing her nipples from behind placing my hands in front and rubbing my tool slowly to her ass.
After that, I started placing my hands near pussy and fingering gently, in the meanwhile we have lip lock. She had given the best blow job now and had the liquid on her face and she swallowed the same and later we had bathed together. Please provide your feedback at

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