Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Sex With Girlfriend At Her House Virgin Sex Story

This is Sunny from Jharkhand. Age 20. Writing my story about the incident that happened with me a few years ago.I am sorry for any mistakes while writing the story.
So. Without boring you all. Let&come to the story.I was in class 12th when my crush said yes to the proposal. And we became bf-gf. Things were normal between us. And everything was going slow between us. We use to go school together and come back. We spent a lot of time talking on the phone. Sometimes we get horny and do some sex chat.But we never did anything.(not even kissed).
Things between us were normal. I am sorry I forgot to introduce my GF.Her name is Payal. Her stats were 32-36-32. She looks damn cute and hot also.One day we had annual day function in our school. We came bit close on that day.She had a dance performance. While she was performing I was cheering for backstage.
After her performance, she went to changing room. And I went behind her and closed the door. She was shocked for a bit but happy to see me there. I came close to her hugged her and kissed her on her cheek. And then on the forehead. And we looked into each other’s eye for few minutes and started smooching each other. I bit her lower lips while kissing her. We both were aroused at that time. But suddenly someone her friend came and knocked on the door. And I had to leave.

After that day we met her in her house. She told her parents that we had some project work. So not to disturb us. Till we complete our project. And we went to her room and locked the door from inside. We started talking first. We sat on her bed. And she was lying on me and I had hugged from behind. After few min, her mom came and knocked and told us she had made food and told us to eat when we are done with our work as she was leaving for some work and will come back after 3-4 hours. We looked into each other&eyes and smiled and kissed each other. After her mother left. Our fun began.
We both were alone at her house. We closed all the doors and windows. And began to kiss each other passionately. In every room. Kitchen. Everywhere. After sometime. I took her to the bedroom and we both laid on the bed.
We turned to each other and started kissing each other. We kissed for 15-20 min. After that, I started kissing her on the face and she enjoyed that.
Then I went to her neck and kissed her there. This made her horny and I also started feeling the same.I kissed her at her neck and pressing her boobs and with the other hand, I started rubbing my hand on her stomach. She lifted her top a bit. I understood that she is in the mood now and slipped my hand and moving my hand all over bare body under her top. I removed her bra hook from inside and looked at her.
We both smiled and she removed her top and bra in a second. I was amazed to look at her boobs.This gave me instant hard on. And she felt that. And I started sucking her boobs like a baby drinking milk from the breast. While sucking I bit her nipples. This made her nipples hard. And I loved that. I sucked her hard and gave her love bites on her boobs.She was moaning a lot and she started rubbing her hand over my cock and it was uncontrollable feeling for me. She opened my jeans and removed my underwear in one go. And gazed at the penis. She was shocked and happy to see my thick and big cock.( I have 3 inches thick and 6-inch long cock)
She started licking my cock. And gave me my first blowjob. She sucked my cock and balls for 15 mins and then I came in her mouth filled her with my sperm. And she drank all of it. Then I removed her skirt and panty and looked at her clean shaved pussy.
I gave a kiss on her pussy lips and started licking her pussy. She started to moan talked dirty to lick her and eat her pussy. After licking for 15 min she came on my face. And the time came for us to do what we were waiting for. She gave me a naughty smile and came down and started licking my cock. And this gave me a hard on.
I took out a condom from my wallet. And gave it to her. She placed the condom on my cock. And placed my cock on her pussy lips. I gave a gentle push as it was the first time for both of us.
She closed her eyes and enjoyed what I was doing. I inserted my 3/4th penis into her vagina. And she still was closing her eyes. Then I stopped for a moment. She opened her eyes and asked me what happened. I said nothing and pushed my whole cock inside her. And she screamed in pain and tears rolled down from her eyes. And I kissed her tears and said I love you. She replied the same.
After some time I started pushing my cock in and out. And rapidly increased my speed. She started to enjoy and she started screaming. Oh yeah. Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me harder. I fucked her missionary position first. Then in doggy style and the again in missionary.
After fucking her for 30 min. I came. And we both were tired a lot. We hydrated ourselves first and had our lunch naked in her room. And had another session before her mom came. And I left. We had twice after that.Will give details about that in my next story.
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